Teenage daughter dating older guy

Age: 35
Weight: 166
Height: 48
Size: 2
Daughter Dating an Older Guy December 9, 1 found this helpful. Since it may be hard to talk to your girl about her older lover, it is more advisable to delegate this responsibility to a professional counselor. Yeah the school skipping thing is a problem but maybe by accepting him you could help?
Just cos I had a yr-old boyfriend at age 14, does not mean I am a down and out stupid head. Since you asked, I would say this, "You are too young to date. However, don't come across as interfering or supercilious. Ensure your child sees a doctor however awkward it may be - as it will pale in comparison with the upset of an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. Read next on IOL.

My Teen Daughter is Dating an Older Guy

Age: 31
Weight: 156
Height: 46
Size: 2
Being a goth, he is also looking to shock adults, which is probably why he chases 13 year olds. Many times parents have no clue. According to NJ law, the age of legal consent is 16 compared to the national age of consent, which is
Discuss with your daughter about what she really wants in a guy and what she's actually getting out of this relationship. Loading comments… Trouble loading? My challenge to you is to avoid the extremes of this dating scenario. I just hope she is smart about it. Encourage your daughter to confide in you about her life in general. This relationship as it is could lead to serious problems, and if not resolved, could drive you further away from your daughter.
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