Dating someone while living with ex

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This is based on a woman I know who has been more than ok with dating a guy who still lives with his former longtime girlfriend. Many years ago I purchased a cheap caravan and lived in a caravan park for several months.
There are women who date guys who live with exes who are still emotionally attached. Some women can feel insecure after childbirth about how attractive they are because of all the changes in their bodies. Sign up below for regular emails filled with information, advice and support for you or your loved ones. Doesn't it take an incident like this for us to wake up and realise what we should have done but didn't, that's how we learn from experience, but something we wish didn't happen. There are also women who date men who live with exes who seemingly have moved on and have their own new relationship to tend to. Thats done now but seriously, even if you dont get back together flowers, a nice dinner etc could change her thoughts.

Is This Petty? He Still Lives With His Ex

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Yet you mention "to get back at him"??? The first 6 months after giving birth are an emotionally and hormone filled time for a woman.
She maybe seeking reassurance from another man. How do you cope with it? While his new girlfriend may be rolling with the punches, I thought their situation was interesting enough to share. Me and my partner have a 5 month old. Yet you mention "to get back at him"??? Its wise to look after yourself, for the benegit of you and your baby.
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