Hook up antique phone

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The cable is not included when you buy the device, but it's the same as most USB printer cables. In addition, notice that the dial is a metal 3 inch dial surrounded by a plastic number shroud.
The cable is not included when you buy the device, but it's the same as most USB printer cables. The software also allows you to make adjustments to the volume levels, among other things. Pretty sure that red and green would be the first line; those are probably the ones you want. To avoid monthly charges for services you don't need, call your local phone company and ask them for their simplest plan.

Connecting an antique phone to a "modern" network.

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What kind of phone, and what age? I've had one phone take all week to clean but it is worth it.
It's also a good idea to cover up the tip of the phone line you disconnected and put a note inside the box telling others not to re-connect the line - this is for safety purposes because a re-connected line could damage your device. You can also combine the use of a PBX with one or more of the services described above for example, you could plug a bluetooth gateway into your PBX and make outside calls through your cell phone. Not only does it support rotary dialing, but y ou can even make calls on a non-dial telephone by briefly depressing and releasing the hook switch, activating the voice recognition function of your cell phone. Fred Sanford , Oct 11, Cut a thick piece of felt or a double piece to be used as a cushion on the bottom between the leather and the metal in a triangular fashion as seen below and an appropriate size of the leather. A PBX Private Branch Exchange system is essentially a box that can connect multiple telephone extensions within a home or office, and also connect those stations to an outside line. This hasn't been a problem for me since I am used to plugging in my phone overnight, but it is something to consider.
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