Easter island carbon dating

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There is clear evidence of different phases of development in statue carving and platform construction, and the insistence that all the archaeological remains must be crammed into a history spanning just years is theory-driven. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.
Thor Heyerdahl mentions that the excavation of the pre-Inca image platforms at Tiwanaku has uncovered stones remarkably like the paenga of Easter Island fig. This buried wall was clearly older than the Middle Period walls visible above ground. It was used by the young chief of the island and was known only to five people on it, though it was also in use on Faraulep, a small island about km to the northeast. Even orthodox researchers have to admit that the Easter Island script — Rongorongo — constitutes a genuine enigma.

The dating of Easter Island

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Agricultural practices contribute to global air pollution, the industry must adapt. Trenches sunk along the landward side also uncovered a beautiful wall of megalithic slabs, perfectly hewn and fitted. Join the thousands following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and stay informed about the world.
We do not know what they were originally used for, only that they were reused in walls of a later period. What Did the Ancients Say about Sirius? This discovery demolished the popular theory that such walls had appeared at a late stage on Easter Island and represented the high peak of local evolution due to the lack of timber. The colossal blocks are tooled and cut so as to fit each other. The location of easter island depend on easter island depend on easter island.
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