Taurus dating cancer man

Age: 25
Weight: 166
Height: 49
Size: 3
As a friend, he is truly devoted and always available to help and offer a shoulder to cry on. It is understandable to be wary of this pairing, with both the bull and the crab slow to trust another with their most vulnerable part - their heart.
The Taurus woman values honesty highly and is very straightforward in all things, seeing no reason to be deceitful or dishonest even if it will hurt some feelings. The Taurus woman has, and makes, friendships that last a lifetime due to her endless loyalty. The female Taurus does everything to maintan the spark in a relation and once the male Cancer decides to be with a woman, he will never give up easily on her, no matter what. Both the Cancer man and the Taurus woman are relatively quiet, modest people.


Age: 34
Weight: 168
Height: 52
Size: 2
She is the rock that will bring her Cancer man's insecurity down to a minimum. Both of these partners are quite jealous people.
It goes without saying that Taurus women are the queens of the workplace. Taurus woman - information and insights on the Taurus woman. Ultimately, however, this is a deeply sensual and committed relationship. The stubbornness of the bull can frustrate the crab and even though her possessiveness may seem endearing to Cancer, it is unhealthy. Success at a Price?
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